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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, has obviously never bought a Freak Shake from the Corner Bakery in Amsterdam, haha!

I was looking on Instagram for cool places to visit in Amsterdam before our trip there when I came across a photo with one of these amazing milkshakes and pretty much decided on the spot that I had to go there. The Corner Bakery offers many different kinds of sweets and I honestly wanted to try them all but I had my eyes on the Freak Shake! I also ordered some avocado toast since I’m a professional sugar-eater and know my body can’t handle that amount of sugar without balancing it out with some “real” food, haha.    We got there around 4 pm on a Friday and the place was smacked with teenage girls, not surprised though since the café is super “insta friendly” in both food and interior.

The Corner Bakery is a bit of the central parts of Amsterdam, and there is not much to see in the area around it, but I would still recommend a visit just to get a Freak Shake, haha. It might honestly have been the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted! Take a stroll through Vondelpark on your way over there and you’re halfway there!  

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Quick facts about Corner Bakery

Name: Corner Bakery
Menu: Sweet pastries, toasts, smoothie bowls and a wide selection of hot and cold drinks – everything homemade.
Location: Kon. Wilhelminaplein 60-62, Amsterdam
Opening hours: Open daily 8 am to 5 pm  

38 Replies to “Corner Bakery – Amsterdam, Netherlands”

  1. Alltså detta verkar nästan för bra för att vara sant! Vilken tur att du är ett lenade bevis och kan bevisa motsatsen. Bilderna är outstanding och det ser ljuvligt ut! Hoppas du njuter för fullt! Kram

  2. Men hjälp såå fint det ser ut, underbara bilder 🙂 Så bra att man nu kan kolla på instagram/höra sig runt så smidigt efter bra ställen 🙂

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