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Okay guys, I’m starting to get really sick of the weather in Stockholm right now!

It’s been snowing non-stop for a week and the temperature is low below Amanda-approved so I’m pretty much spending my days looking for flights to take me away from my misery (haha!) and I have spent hours on a site called It is basically just a map of the world where you can enter your nearest airport and then find all destinations you can travel to with a direct flight and it’s just such a simple and fun way to find new destinations! It is also possible to put on filters like how long flight time you want and what time you want to departure, perfect if you planning a short weekend somewhere and want to max out the time at your destination. There are 168 destinations connected to my home airport Arlanda in Stockholm, so I have already discovered a bunch of new ones I would like to visit.

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  1. Jag är precis lika trött på det här vädret…. Och efter att ha kikat på ditt förra inlägg blev resesuget inte direkt bättre, haha! Men nu är det bara 11 dagar kvar till Bali – woop woop!! Kram sötaste <33

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