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This Monday, I woke up with the news that my Instagram account has reached 10 000 followers. How crazy is that?  

I have had Instagram for a couple of years but mostly used it to follow my friends and share some photos taken with my phone on the go. I wrote in Swedish and had around 250 followers when I in September 2017 thought that I should use my Instagram more like a portfolio for my company as a photographer and deleted all old phone photos and started to post photographs taken with my camera and write in English. Since I work with photographing everything from interior to weddings (and still wanted to share some photos from my travels) it all just became a blissful mix of everything. I gained around 1000 followers when I in January 2018 decided to make a big change – again.

I started this blog and once again decided to rebrand my Instagram and this time only focus on traveling and Swedish Passport was born. Since you unlock a couple of “secret” settings when you reach 10 000 followers on Instagram it’s been sort of a goal for me to get there, but I could never imagine it going so fast! So there you have my background story of how I reached 10 000 followers on Instagram. The title to this post is not one hundred percent true, but I thought it sounded better than “how to rebrand your Instagram a couple of times before you gain around 9000 followers in two months and one week”, haha. As a big thank you to all of you who have supported me, I would like to share some tips that I have found useful on my way to 10k.    

Be active
Follow accounts you find interesting, like pictures you like and comment what you think. You can have the most amazing Instagram account ever, but no one is going to follow it unless they can find it. So spread some love around and it will come back to you, I promise!

Use hashtags
No, #love and #girl won’t probably give you any more followers but do some investigations and logical thinking about what hashtags you can use. When I went to Amsterdam I searched for #amsterdambrunch to find good brunch places and #amsterdamview to find good lookout spots. There are also a lot of accounts on Instagram that just share other peoples content if you use their hashtag, which can be an amazing opportunity to be seen by their followers. Two I often use is #gohypetravel and #travelbabygirl.

Tag accounts in your photos
Tagging is not only for showing who is in your photo. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of accounts that share other peoples content and I often tag them in my photos. Tags are a great way to be seen by the account you tag since your photo basically ends up in their profile. I also tag accounts like @visitsweden if my photo is taken in Sweden or @fjallraven if I wear a piece of clothing from the brand Fjällräven in my photo.    

Don’t be too universal
There millions of accounts on Instagram and you have to find that thing that makes YOU special. Being universal works for a few people, but most people simply press the “unfollow” bottom when the content gets too confusing and you can’t know what the account is about. Are you a horse girl? Focus on that. Do you like working out? Make your account about healthy food and weightlifting. Do you like fashion? Have your account filled with awesome outfits! Don’t confuse your followers, stay clear in what type of account you have.

Plan your feed
I’m using an app called UNUM where you simply can plan how your feed will look. I try not to post two pictures that look alike to close to each other and try to follow the same color scheme. How you plan your feed is up to you but I promise you it helps if you can see how it will look before you post your latest photo.  

Write in English
My native language is Swedish and I have to say that I’m at least ten times more comfortable writing in Swedish than in English, but I have still chosen to have my social media accounts in English. Why? Because of simple statistics. There are about ten million people speaking Swedish, while there are one billion people speaking English in the world – so it’s so much easier to reach out in a language that most people understand.

Use Insta Stories
We have all heard about the algorithm on Instagram and how it messes up what people see and don’t see in their feed. It’s a lot of mathematics behind it and I’m not getting into that right now, but the thing you need to know is that all of your followers won’t even see your photo so I’m always posting on my Insta Story when a new post is up.

Post when your followers are active
If you have a business profile on Instagram you can see statistics over what time your followers are most active – and most likely to like your post. I always try to post around 6pm-9pm since that’s the time most of my followers are active.

Do it because you want to
The moment you feel that you HAVE to post a picture on Instagram is the moment you lose the joy in it. Social Media should be fun and it is always so clear when someone posts something just to post it, and not put any effort into it. Have fun while doing it and your halfway there.  

My Instagram is @swedishpassport, what is yours?

40 Replies to “How to Get 10k Instagram Followers in 3 Months”

  1. wow, det gick undan!!! minns att jag läste när du hade typ 2-3k för nån månad sen bara. bra jobbat :)))

  2. Folk glömmer väldigt oftast det där att följa och kommentera andra Instagrams vilket är synd för jag skulle deifinitivt gå in och kolla på någons profil om dem lämnar en kommentar på min Insta så att jag vet att dem existerar, och gillar jag deras feed kommer jag definitvt att följa den personen för att själv få inspiration. Därför gillar jag Instagram, på bara ett par klick har man nya inspirationskällor över hela världen. För ett par år sedan hade jag aldrig trott att jag skulle följa en äldre man som ordnar fotoresor till olika safarin och visar sjukt underbara bahind the scenes storys därifrån (samt sjukt vackra bilder) men det gör jag idag hahaha. Så Heja Instagram.

    Jag vet inte om du följer mig på den nya men jag heter @TheLenaElisaStory där med 😛

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