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Happy Earth Day!  

Earth Day was founded in 1970 and the idea behind it was to emerge the public concusses about air and water pollution and force environmental protection onto the political agenda. We, humans, are living far over earth’s capacity, but there is hope! The environmental debate is bigger than ever and most people are starting to make sustainable choices. No one can do everything, but everybody can do something to save this wonderful planet we live on.  Everyone can be a more climate-friendly traveller!

I think traveling is a great way to open up your eyes to the environmental problems in this world. Once you have gotten to see the world, you know how important it is to save it and therefore I’ve gathered some of my best tips on how to be a more climate-friendly traveller.  

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Look at Other Alternatives Than Flying

Flying is such an easy way to get around and see the world, but it’s, unfortunately, the worst type of transportation for the environment. Airplanes contribute to insanely high numbers of CO2 and we can all just hope that science will give us more environmental friendly flights in the future, but until then it’s good to look at other alternatives. If you don’t think it’s manageable I would like you to take a look at @earthwanderess who are currently traveling from Sweden to Iran without flying or who are traveling the world by bike. It’s a bit inconvenient but just think of all the magical places you might see that you would just have flown over with an airplane.  

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Reduce your plastic waste by bringing your own water bottle that you can refill instead of buying new ones in the store. This works even in countries where tap water isn’t good to drink if you invest in some sort of water filtration/purifier. There are also pills you can buy to make the water drinkable or the oldest trick in the book – boil it before you drink it.    

Eat Vegan

Did you know that for every kilo beef that is sold, 7 kg provender and 16 000 L water is used? I try to eat as much vegan food as possible for both environmental, ethical and health reasons and today it’s not even that hard to do with a lot of good alternatives in both stores and restaurants! You do not have to go full-on vegan, even if you just exchange one or two meals a week from beef to vegan it’s helping the environment a lot.  

Use Public Transportation

The locals can survive on public transportation and so can you! I know that it’s comfortable to go with a taxi or an uber when you have to get somewhere, but it’s often even cheaper to go with the public transportation – and it gives you a whole new experience of the place you visit when you get to be around locals in their everyday life. It’s also so much better for the climate, a win-win-win situation.  

Join a Clean Up

Animals in nature are dying of starvation because their stomachs are filled with plastic and it’s up to every one of us to keep nature waste-free. Join an organized clean up, start one on your own or combine picking up trash in your everyday activities. Did you know that there’s a Swedish expression for picking up trash while jogging, called “plogging”?  

Say No To One Time Use Plastic Items

Spoons to your ice cream and straws to your soda, do you really need them? Probably not. Try to always carry around a spork and all spontaneous ice creams by the water and street food lunches can be free from plastic.  

Avoid Taking Plastic Bags at Stores

We use 5 trillion plastic bags on earth a year and less than 1% of them get recycled (!!!!). Just imagine how much we could minimize plastic waste in the world if everybody started to bring a backpack or a tote bag when they go shopping instead of taking these useless plastic bags.    

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27 Replies to “How to be a More Climate-Friendly Traveller”

  1. alltså värsta med att vara utomlands där en inte kan dricka vattnet är ju att den inte pantar???? FÅR PANIK och står alltid där med typ tre påsar flaskor och va BART PANTAR JAG??? Min kompis bodde i england och pluggade och hennes kompisar ba "varför har du två kassar med pet-flaskor i hörnet??" och han ba "ah jag antar att jag sparar dem för att panta men ah"

  2. Jättebra inlägg och jag känner att jag kan sträcka lite på mig efter att jag har läst det. Jag gör redan mycket av det du tipsar om 😀 Jag har ingen bil utan går oftast eller cyklar – även i jobbet och när jag måste transportera mig på annat sätt blir det med spårvagn eller buss. Jag älskar mitt bubbelvatten, men har en sodastream så jag fyller på samma flaska hela tiden istället för att köpa nya i butik. Jag källsorterar mina sopor och minimerar användandet av plast och engångspåsar här hemma genom att lägga mat och annat i plastlådor med lock som jag kan diska. Jag har alltid med mig en Lagerhauskasse när jag handlar och tar med mig maten hem i den – gör likadant när jag ska handla i andra butiker. Jag köper närodlad mat (och odlar egna grönsaker här hemma dessutom) och har minskat på rent kött och äter mer grönt istället. Alla kan vi bidra med något för vår miljö 😀 Stor kram till dig Amanda <3

  3. Bilden där han kastar upp sanden och det formas som ett hjärta, fan va fin! Vet att det förmodligen handlade om sekunder att lyckas fånga det rätta ögonblicket 😀

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