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Earlier this week, me and my friend Annie went on a quite spontaneous trip to Hammersta nature reserve.
Our original idea was to visit an island in the Stockholm archipelago named Huvudskär which only is accessible by boat like two times every week during summer. Unfortunately, there was a big power failure in Stockholm that day which knocked out the public transportation so much that we missed the only boat to Huvudskär that day with about two hours, haha. Since we were already dressed for adventure we simply looked at a map and took a bus to the closest green spot which was Hammersta nature reserve. 
We were not sure about what to expect when the bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere but we started to walk along an asphalted road into a forest.
The asphalted road continued for a long time, but then we got to a big paddock with cows. This was the first interesting thing we had seen in the half an hour since we got off the bus which lead to us spending a lot of time photographing the cows, haha. The calves were just so cute!

Since our original idea was to stay on a small island all day we pretty much were set on spending some time by the ocean which was harder to find than we imagined. After an even longer time on the asphalted road, we finally found a good spot with a view over the ocean where we took a lunch break.
We got pretty tired of walking on the asphalted road so we tried to find some smaller paths to follow – which only ended with us either being lost in the forest or walking inside the fenced paddocks for cows so we got back on the asphalted road that after a while turned into a graveled path which was a lot nicer to walk on but still quite tedious since everything looked pretty much the same.
Then we found a sign pointing to an old castle ruin which honestly wasn’t that spectacular, but after hiking for two hours with quite some uninteresting views (and most of the time on an asphalted road!) I suddenly thought the ruin was the best place on earth, haha. Perspectives.
After spending some time at the ruin we almost didn’t find our way out of the nature reserve since there was a lot of private roads which belonged to a farmhouse. The only way out seemed to be walking between two paddocks with horses, so that’s what we did.
Straight after the farmhouse, we got back to the big road where we had got off the bus so we had circled around all of Hammersta nature reserve in about three hours. The nature reserve honesty wasn’t that exciting and I would probably never have visited it if it weren’t for the circumstances, but every place I visit can’t be a jackpot. I got to be outside for a couple of hours, leave all stress from the everyday life inside the city and have a nice time with Annie. What more do you need, really?

32 Replies to “Travel Diary: Hammersta”

  1. Ingen dålig promenad ni fick! Mysigt att strosa runt, men asfalten är ju rätt seg för benen efter ett tag så jag förstår att det blev skönt att sätta fötterna på grus istället. Härliga bilder och kor och kalvar är alltid så tacksamma fotomodeller med sin nyfikenhet 😀 Stor kram och trevlig helg fina du <3

  2. Vad tråkigt att reservatet inte var så spännande, men du tog väldigt fina bilder i alla fall 🙂 (som vanligt). Och nu har du sett det i alla fall, även om det inte var någon jackpot.

  3. Åååh så härligt =D… hemmaaaaa! Detta är jag uppvuxen med och saknar efter. Super fina bilder som alltid tjejen<33 Ha en fortsatt GLAD SOMMAR!

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