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It’s Thursday so let’s look back at one of my past travels.

In October 2013 me and my family rented an apartment in Avsallar, Turkey for my dads birthday. We were there for about a week and spent most of the time by the beach or by the apartment complex pool (which had water slides!). You should know by now that I’m an active type of traveller so we obviously also did some spontaneous activities like going up in the mountain for some river rafting, parasailing above “our” beach and visit a local market that sold pretty much everything.

Here are some photos from my latest trip to Turkey:


The beach next to our apartment


Sunset view from our balcony


Ice cream!

Camels at the beach (By the way, be a responsible tourist and don’t support bad animal tourist businesses)

Species at the local market


Me and my brother parasailing


The pool and the water slides next to our apartment

18 Replies to “Travel Throwback Thursday: Avsallar 2013”

  1. Åh men hur var vädret i Turkiet i oktober? Vi ska nämligen dit i år i oktober och mamma är superorolig över att det ska vara kallt haha!

    1. På dagarna var det ändå fortfarande varmt nog att bada och sådär, men på kvällarna blev det faktiskt riktigt kyligt så skulle rekomendera att ni packar ner ett par långbyxor och en tjocktröja eller två 😉 Hoppas ni får en helt fantastisk resa! 😀

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