Long Time No See

Long Time No See

Well hello there, remember me?

It’s been almost two months since I last updated any of my social media channels, but it honestly feels like a lifetime ago since my life been pretty much upside down since the middle of February.

It all started on Valentine’s day when I started to feel pain in my back and neck. I had done a day trip to Uppsala the day before and thought that my muscles were sore after walking 35 000 steps with my camera gear on my back all day, but it only got worse during the weekend and at one point I couldn’t even move my head – and that was just the beginning. It wasn’t just sore muscles, it was a virus.

I got a high fever, couldn’t keep any food down and everything gave me a headache. The only thing I could do was to lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. At first, the doctors believed that I had got meningitis and for the first time in my life I’ve been rushed to the emergency room. That’s an experience I could have lived without, but it turned out that I “only” had an aggressive flu virus. So much better than meningitis obviously but still quite horrible since I was completely knocked out for three weeks.

It’s only now I’m starting to feel like my self again since I had quite a long recovery time when I finally got rid of the virus. I was exhausted all the time since I lost so much strength, stressed out over everything I missed in school, angry at my insurance company for not covering a prepaid trip I missed to Copenhagen and worst of all:

I was sad since I felt like I missed the whole experience of getting our puppy Stina.

The last time I saw her, she was only four days old and I had been planning so much for the day she turned eight weeks and was ready to move in with us. Instead, the only thing I wanted to do was to sleep and I didn’t even take a single photograph of her until we had had her for about two weeks. I honestly lost all motivation in doing anything creative.

As I mentioned before, I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and I’m no longer sad about the fact that our first time with Stina didn’t turn out the way I had imagined it. Life never turns out the way we plan and now I’m just so happy that I get to watch our puppy grow up and learn new things every day. You have to stay positive, otherwise, life will completely knock you out.

●           ●           ●          ●           ●

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog post, but I felt like I just couldn’t start blogging again as usual without explaining my absence. I’m planning to travel a lot with Stina as she gets older (she already has her own passport!) and I’ll hope you’ll enjoy reading about our adventures in the future ❤

I’m back!

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