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During my visit to Boden in April, I finally got to visit Storforsen in Älvsbyn for the first time in probably 20 years.

Storforsen is one of the biggest streams in all of Europe and is a 5km part of the 410km long river Piteåälven. Its usual water flow is around 250 m³/sek and it never freezes, even though the water can get as low as -40° degrees during wintertime! It looks really spectacular, but the most impressing thing most honestly be the sound. Even though we were standing next to each other, we had the yell when we needed to speak.

Storforsen is such a great nature experience, and the forest around it is a nature reserve where you can hike. I would love to go back here during summertime to explore more, and go for a swim in the smaller waterfalls around the area.

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Quick facts about Storforsen

Name: Storforsen
Location: Storforsen nature reserve, 942 95 Vidsel
Available: All year round, even for wheelchairs due to good gangways

Entrance fee: No entrance fee
Permits needed: No permits needed

Suitable for: the Thrill Seeker, the Explorer, the Independent Mass Tourist, and the Escapist (click here to read more about the different traveler types)
Good to know: There are fireplaces where you can cook food and it’s possible to swim in the smaller rivers around Storforsen during summertime.

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15 Replies to “Storforsen – Älvsbyn, Sweden”

  1. Storforsen blir ett stopp på min drömroadtrip genom norra Sverige (när den blir av vet jag inte, men jag vill verkligen göra en!) 🙂 Kram

  2. Your post just threw me back to my childhood and I could, for a second, hear the roaring sound of the water as you described it. How ever I got thrown back to another river, somewhere around Kramfors. I couldn’t have been older then nine years as I stood there, amazed by the display of the water rushing by in front of me. Nature is so amazing in many ways.

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