Travel Throwback Thursday: Hervey Bay 2016

Travel Throwback Thursday: Hervey Bay 2016

It’s Thursday so let’s do a Travel Throwback!

I’m currently studying for my last exam this semester, so what fits better then a throwback on the best school assignment I’ve ever had?

Back in 2016, my boyfriend and I lived in Australia and studied at University of the Sunshine Coast. I choose my courses at uni according to what sounded like the most fun and ended up studying a course called Marine Vertebrates since it said “field trip” in the description. Even though the course was the hardest thing I’ve ever studied I’m so happy I picked it since I got to go on a field trip and study humpback whales in their natural habitat!

It was cloudy and windy the morning of the field trip when we drove to Hervey Bay but as we jumped on the boat and rode out in the ocean the sun came out and we got the best day ever. There were so many whales in the water that day (which by the are 15 meters long and weigh about 36 tons) and they jumped around, swam under our boat and waved with their fins. Whales are such a magnificent creature and I’m so happy that I have got the opportunity to see them out in the wild.

I always get so emotional when I look at my photos from Australia since I miss it so much, but now I’m just so excited since I get to go back there in less than 6 months. Gaaaaah, can’t wait!

28 thoughts on “Travel Throwback Thursday: Hervey Bay 2016

  1. Älskar att observera valar i det vilda så himla häftiga! Åh vad roligt att du ska tillbaka! Ta med mycket bilder hem som vi alla kan bli avis på haha

  2. Men åh vilken fantastisk upplevelse!! Så roligt att studera i Australien, och vilken otrolig kurs! Förstår att du längtar tillbaka😊

  3. Men alltså WOOOW! Hur mycket drömmigt har du inte fått uppleva i ditt liv egentligen?? Är verkligen så glad för din skull att du fått göra det, och TACK för att du delar med dig <3

  4. Åååh så nice <3<3 Vi kommer besöka Australien igen i oktober, men bara ett kort besök i Sydney, men alltid något <3

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