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One of my goals this year was to get better at exploring my hometown, Stockholm.

With five months into 2019, I have to say that I’ve been working hard with that goal and already found some new favorites – and one of them is Hammarbybacken.

Hammarbybacken is located on the south side of the city and is a big ski slope in the winter and a popular hill for interval training and bike riding during the summer. Hammarbybacken is one of those places I’ve said that I’m going to visit one day, and a Monday evening at 8 pm was apparently that day. I honestly get so annoyed at myself for not going there sooner, I mean, I climbed Northern Europes highest mountain before I climbed a less than 100 meters high hill 10 minutes away from my home. It’s so easy to get narrow-minded when it comes to home.

Anyway, I walked from the subway station Hammarbyhöjden and started my walk up the hill. Either you can walk up the ski slope or you can follow a walkway which runs around the hill and isn’t as steep. I choose the walkway and I don’t think it took more than like 10 minutes to get to the top and the view was just AMAZING. I got there as the sun was setting and painted all of Stockholm pink and the only thing I could think about was that I have to bring a picnic basket and a couple of friends here and just have the best day ever!

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Quick facts about Hammarbybacken

Name: Hammarbybacken
Location: Hammarby Fabriksväg 111, 120 66 Stockholm
Available: All year round

Entrance fee: No entrance fee (You do have to pay to use the lift in the winter though)
Permits needed: No permits needed

Suitable for: the Thrill Seeker, the Explorer, the Independent Mass Tourist the Escapist and the Sport Tourist (click here to read more about the different traveler types)
Good to know: People love to ride their bikes down the hill so be careful if you step off the walkway.

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22 Replies to “Hammarbybacken – Stockholm, Sweden”

  1. WOW, fantastiska bilder ifrån toppen: 😀 Så kul att utforska sin egen hemstad. Man glömmer lätt bort hur fint det kan vara och vad man tar för givet.

  2. När jag bodde i Sickla såg jag människor på avstånd som gjorde utfall och grodhopp där uppför. Ryste i hela kroppen, haha. Vi får utforska stockholm snart hjärtat, är sugen på gamla stan!! Finns säkert nån hemlig gömma där 😉

  3. Wow, vilken bilder! Jag blir mycket imponerad av din förmåga att fånga denna kväll. Tack för att du delar med dig och inspirerar.


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