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My photos means everything to me.

They are memories of things I’ve done, places I’ve seen and people I’ve met. Therefore, it’s extremely important for me that all my photos are backed up. I’ve heard that one of the most common things people answer when they are asked the question “If you only could save one material thing if your house catches fire, what would that be?” is their photo albums, and that says a lot about how much photographs mean to people.

A computer can get stolen, a hard drive can crash and a building can burn down. Accidents happen all the time and that’s why I’m writing this blog post about how I back up my photos.

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The small external hard drive

This is the hard drive which I pretty much always have with me when I travel. I got this model* which is small in size but big in capacity which is perfect since it doesn’t take up much space or weight in the luggage. When I’m at home it’s pretty much always plugged into my stationary computer so I’ll always have access to my photos.

The big external hard drive

My second hard drive is a much bigger hard drive which I always keep at home. It’s really old actually and has to have an electric outlet to work so this is only a back up I keep at home.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A NAS-server is basically a hard drive which is reachable through your network, like a cloud-service which is only reachable in the building where the “box” is placed. I got this model* and it’s placed in a building far away from my home since I think it’s good to have the backups at different locations. It is possible to “open up” the access so you can reach the photos from anywhere in the world but that also increases the risk of hacking.

As you can see, I always have three versions of all my photos from when I got my first camera in 2003 until now in three different devices in two different locations.

I have to say that I’m bad at backing up my photos straight away, sometimes they stay on the memory card or on the computer for some time but I try to back up at least like 4-5 times a year at all the three devices. The backups often happen after something special, like a wedding or a trip abroad because that’s probably when I get reminded of how important it is to save those memories.

Some things to think about when you back up your photos:

● Never keep them long term on a computer since they take up much space and will eventually slow down your computer.

● Never keep them long term on your cameras memory card since the camera can get stolen/broken/lost. They also take up space which could have been used for new photos instead.

● Always have your photos backed up at at least two different devices.

● Think after one or two more times before you back up your photos on an open cloud-service. It’s way easier to hack “the cloud” than the hard drive under your bed.

● Keep your two backups at two different locations, maybe have one at work or a friends house? That way your photos will be safe even if your house burns down.

How do you back up your photos?

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17 Replies to “How to Photograph and Back Up Your Photographs”

    1. Nej fy så tråkigt att höra! Jag har råkat förlora en hel månads bilder ur mitt bildarkiv för ett par år sedan, och det var efter det jag verkligen blev supernoga på att backa upp mina bilder så att inte det händer igen 🙂

  1. Så bra tips!! Har haft externa hårddiskar hela tiden men är livrädd för att de ska pajja och de har alltid börjat låta konstigt och sånt haha. Så nu kör vi NAS hemma 🙂

  2. Fantastiska tips! Det fick mig att tänka på hur många bilder jag har på min dator och att jag måste föra över alla till min externa hårddisk! <3

  3. Jag är superdålig på att backa upp mina bilder och måste ta tag i detta omedelbart känner jag. Jag flyttar de från datorn till en hårddisk, men sen får de ligga där. NAS är något jag vill skaffa! Tack för påminnelsen!

  4. JAg har faktiskt en backup i form av en extern hårddisk där jag samlar alla bilder. En foto disk skulle man kunna säga för det är ju verkligen hemskt tråkigt om bilder man tycker om försvinner.

  5. Jag har en precis likadan disk som dig, jag älskar den! Tycker den är så bra! Har lagt många av mina foton som backups på iCloud men det börjar förstås bli överfullt så jag måste hitta något nytt ställe att förvara dem på :/

  6. Så himla bra inlägg! Fotona är verkligen något av det viktigaste och mest betydelsefulla jag har hemma. Behövde verkligen den här infon, TACK! <3

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