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Can time just please slow down?

I was so pleased that I had two and a half months of summer vacation this year and somehow I only got three weeks left until I have to go back to both school and work. How did that happen?

I’ve had the best summer and I’m so happy that I decided to work my butt off during spring so I could just have some time off responsibilities and let my body and brain rest, I think they needed that. Since my latest update last week I’ve been back to Gotland again and also spent a couple of days in Leksand and I feel that I really have to make a summary of all the places I’ve been to this summer since even I have trouble putting it all together, haha. I’m waaay behind on my travel diaries and have so many photos and stories I want to share, but I honestly haven’t had any motivation to even start my computer but I guess that’s what it’s like for everyone during summertime.

I’m going to Västerås sometime this week and got a trip booked to Oskarshamn the weekend before I go back to my “regular life” and I’m planning to spend the next three weeks crossing a couple of more things of my summer bucket list and also try to publish some of the 62 blog posts I got in my draft box right now. Wish me good luck!

The summer’s not over yet so make sure to make the best of the time we have left! ☀

30 Replies to “Life Update”

  1. Tiden har gått sååå otroligt fort ja, var i hela friden tog sommaren vägen??? Aldrig gått såhär fort och haft såhär mycket roligt en sommar, är såå nöjd haha! Redo att ta mig an hösten och vintern 😀

  2. Härligt med långledigt!
    Haha jag har också en massa blogposts i draft. Ska försöka fixa till några av dem snart med och publicera 🙂

  3. Jag hade totalt tre veckors semester och tycker det kändes långt och skönt, så jag förstår att att du riktigt har kunnat njuta 😀 😀

  4. Åh det låter verkligen som om en underbar sommar med så mycket ledighet och tid för att besöka massa härliga platser,underbart! 😀 Och älskar bilden, sååå fin Amanda!! <3

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