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Just as last year, I’ve visited Halloween at Gröna Lund.

I think this is the third or fourth year they open up Stockholm’s biggest amusement park during Halloween and invite their visitors to get amazed by all the beautiful decorations and get scared in one of the haunted houses. I brought my cousin Mimmi and after spending a full day at the amusement park during Halloween (and the fact that I’ve actually worked at Gröna Lund a few years ago, haha) I like to call myself a pro at this.

Here is everything you need to know about Halloween at Gröna Lund 2019!

The Child-Friendly Side

Gröna Lund is divided into two parts, one child-friendly side with attractions for the smaller kids and one thrill side with attractions for older kids (and adults, hello!). On the child-friendly side this year, all attractions got a Halloween makeover and there were just SO MANY PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE!

Things you can’t miss:

🎃 The smoke-filled pumpkins at the entrance, talk about setting the bar high right at the start.

🎃 Buying a pumpkin filled with popcorn. You might not want one at the start of the day, but after seeing everyone walking around with one, you’re going to fall for peer pressure. (Don’t machine wash it when you get home though, talking from own experience, hehe.)

🎃 Take thousands of photos of all the pumpkins.

🎃 Cirkuskarusellen (=the circus carousel), mostly because it’s over a hundred years old and used to be dragged by horses, a historical piece of Gröna Lund!

🎃 Pettson o Findus spökhus (=Pettson and Findus haunted house), a haunted house for the youngest ones.

The Thrill Side

Dividing the two sides is a passage that is usually filled with games and shops, but now it was turned into a dark and spooky passage which really showed that we were leaving the child-friendly autumn market and was stepping into a thrilling Halloween-zoon.

Most of my favorite rides like Fritt Fall, Insane and Ikaros were still open and even though the rides themselves give a great thrill – we had our eyes set on the many haunted houses. There were a total of six haunted houses and two ghost rides so we had plenty to do besides riding the usual attractions. Just a tip: if you’re planning on going on any of the high rides, make sure to dress properly because it gets COLD 100 meters above sea level in October, haha.

Things you can’t miss:

🎃 Skeppet (=the Ship), a ghost ship where you walk in small groups through narrow corridors where evil things hide in the pitch-black darkness. A guy who walked in our group last year got so scared he ran into a wall, haha.

🎃 Olustiga Huset (=the Unfunny House) which is usually called Lustiga Huset (=the Funny House) has now been overtaken by murderous clowns. I thought it was well done last year, but it was even better this year with smoke everywhere which made it hard to navigate even for me who has been inside probably a thousand times.

🎃 Have a look at the area behind Insane where they are building new attractions!

🎃 Sekten (the Cult) is a haunted house that they have built on the Big Stage. There has been so much hype about this one so we saved it until last and stood in line for almost two hours, but I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was great but my expectations for it were way higher.

🎃 The Zombie Zone, follow military orders and you might get out of the zombie-filled maze alive. We got put in a group with two other girls who were so scared they used us as shields which made it more fun than scary.

Halloween at Gröna Lund after Dark

As it gets darker and the small kids start to go home, the “evil creatures” from all the haunted houses leave their assigned places and start to roam free all around the park. No one is safe anywhere and if you don’t watch out, you’re going to end up having a ghost standing next to you, breathing in your ear.

Things you can’t miss:

 🎃 Pretty much just roam around, the scary stuff will come to you even if you like it or not!

🎃 Going on the high rides, it’s super cold but the view of Stockholm after dark from above is really worth it!

Quick facts about Halloween at Gröna Lund

Location: Lilla Almänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm

Price: A package with entrance fee + access to all rides and ghost houses costs 430 SEK online, it costs 460 SEK if you buy the same package at the park

Opening hours: Opened October 25 – November 3. Times vary so make sure to check out the current opening hours at

Who should visit?

If you’re either into Halloween, getting scared or going on rides you should totally visit Gröna Lund the upcoming week!

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34 Replies to “Allt du behöver veta om Halloween på Gröna Lund 2019”

  1. Ha ha, sonen på 8 år ville gärna gå till Grönan nu när vi var i Sthlm i helgen, men nej – det skulle jag aldrig våga!! Ha ha! Hade fått hålla mig på småbarnsavdelningen hela tiden för att inte riskera stöta på någon zombie eller så 😀 Fast jag har förstått att det är otroligt vackert också med alla pumpor!

  2. Men åh vad roligt att läsa om alla fantastiska grejer man kan göra på Halloween på Gröna Lund, vad kul att du jobbat där.De måste ha varit jätteroligt? Vad fina bilder! Hade lätt velat åka till Gröna Lund någon Halloween!:)<3

    1. Åh så kul att du tycker det, hoppas du får möjlighet att åka dit själv någon gång 🙂 Ja alltså jag brukar beskriva min säsong på Gröna Lund som en bergochdalbana (hehe!), vissa dagar var det bästa jobbet i världen och vissa dagar stod man inte ut med allt ljud, otrevliga gäster och det faktum att man stod upp hela tiden under de 12 timmar långa passen 😉

  3. Så himla roligt att du skriver såhär lite djupdykande, verkligen roligt! Jag skulle nog dock inte våga gå, haha, är så lättskrämd!

    1. Attans, men perfekt tillfälle att boka in en Stockholmsweekend ju! Själv är jag så sugen på att boka in en resa till Göteborg och Köpenhamn nästa höst för att besöka deras nöjesfälts halloweenfiranden 😉

    1. Men alltså jaaaa! Nu har jag varit både på Grönan och Disneyland Paris under Halloween så nästa år ska jag försöka “bocka av” Tivoli i Köpenhamn och Liseberg också 😉 Älskar när man verkligen går all in på ett specifikt tema 🙂

  4. Vad fint dekorerat med pumpor det är på Gröna Lund! Inspirerande! Att besöka nöjesfältet under Halloween är dock inte min grej, jag är alltför lättskrämd. Tack för att du delar med dig, fina bilder som alltid.


  5. Det är verkligen så kul att läsa och jag hade totalt missat att det har Halloween på Gröna Lund, det hade varit fantastiskt kul att gå på! 😍Super fina bilder Amanda, du lyckas alltid fånga känslan!

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