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Geiranger Lom Norge Stryn Travel Throwback Thursday

Travel Throwback Thursday: Stryn, Geiranger & Lom 2017

How is it even possible that I’ve, as a Swede, traveled to places like Haiti and Australia before I visited my neighboring country Norway? I know I have a lot of Swedish followers and for you, I would just want to say: GO TO NORWAY! I was there for the first time last summer when I …

Mexiko Playa del Carmen Travel Throwback Thursday

Travel Throwback Thursday: Playa del Carmen 2014

Back in April 2014, my mom turned 50 and we traveled with the family + my grandmother to the Yucatán in Mexico. We stayed at the five-star Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen for two weeks and enjoyed the sun, the ocean, and the all-inclusive buffet, hehe. We also took a couple …

Edinburgh Storbritannien, Skottland Travel Throwback Thursday

Travel Throwback Thursday: Edinburgh 2017

This post contains affiliate links I love looking back at the travels I’ve done, and thought about starting a new category called “Travel Throwback Thursday”. Who doesn’t love a good alliteration, right? Anyway. In November 2017, I traveled to Scotlands capital Edinburgh together with Helena de Ilenczfalva and stayed there for two days. Edinburgh has been on my …