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My birthday is only one month away!

Is it just me, or do time just go by quicker the older you get? My friends and family have started to ask me what I want for my birthday and this year and my only wishes are an apartment and a trip around the world. Not at all expensive and totally appropriate for a birthday gift, haha!

With all jokes aside, I actually prefer gifts in form of an activity rather than a physical thing, but that hasn’t stopped me for scavaging the web which gave me inspiration for this post: gift ideas for the traveler!

If you have a friend who loves to travel and have a birthday coming up (or maybe you already started with your Christmas shopping!) here are some great gift ideas on what to get to your traveling friend.


New York* – Big Ben* – Visby City Wall*


What about some travel related interior? The Swedish company* has a great collection of minimalistic posters with motives from all around the world which I totally adore. The day I actually get that apartment I’ve been longing for I’m totally going to put in a big order from them and have travel related posters on each and every wall, haha.


Passport cover* –  Travel Sacks* – Compression Socks* – After Sun* – Luggage Tag


Or why not go with some cool travel gadgets that will totally make your friend’s next trip a lot smoother? I’m going through like 3 bottles a year of After Sun* (life when you get burned just by looking at the sun…) and have a tendency to always lose my luggage tags*  when I travel so those would be some practical gifts for me, haha! Or why not go with some smart travel sacks* to organize the bag with, a cover for the passport* or some compression socks* for those long travels when you have to sit down for way too many hours?

Travel Journal* – Scratch Map*


Or maybe go with a gift where your friend can gather keepsakes? I actually have a big map of the world where I put pins on all the destinations I’ve been to and a Scratch Map* is basically the same thing but instead of pining you scratch the places you’ve been to. It’s not only fun to have, but also a great conversation starter when you have friends over 😉

I recently started with a bullet journal which is fairly addictive and I would actually love to do one just with my travels. Wouldn’t be great to write down all those great memories and thoughts from your trip and combining them with those entrence tickets and things you do want to keep but have no idea where to put them? I think I might have convinced myself in to buying a travel journal* actually, haha!


Would you like to have any of these travel things as a gift? Tell me!


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  1. Vilka bra tips 🙂 Jag föredrar också presenter i form av aktiviteter eller liknande istället för materiella saker, materiella saker kan och vill jag köpa själv istället 🙂

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