I’m currently on my favorite summer destination in the whole wide world – Gotland.

It’s not summer until I get to walk the cobbled streets in Visby and drive by all the flowers by the side of the road and this year I’m going to be here at least twice. I’m currently on my first trip to Gotland this summer and I’m here with my family, my boyfriend and of course our dog Stina. I have absolutely no idea how we fitted 5 persons, one dog and all of our bags in one car, but we made it!


We came to Gotland on Thursday evening and after going grocery shopping we drove to our friends’ house in Roma which we’re going to spend the weekend in. It was quite late when we arrived so we didn’t do much more than lift all of the bags into the house and then go to bed.


I spent all of the morning of day 2 in Stånga to watch Stångaspelen which is also called “Gotland Olympics”. My parents and my boyfriend competed in varpa at Stångaspelen but I honestly didn’t see so much since I was busy with a bored puppy that wanted all of the attention, haha. I gave up and went on a long walk with her instead which included a visit at the church in Stånga and a mission impossible move when I had to crawl under a fence.

When we drove from Roma to Stånga in the morning, we saw a sign to Etelhem and started talking about their pottery which we visited a few years back and since we hadn’t anything special planned for the afternoon we decided to go back there. You can both see how the pottery is made, buy handmade pottery or even try it out on your own.

I went to art school when I was younger and have tried pottery before but that was years ago so it was so much fun doing it again! I also tried out some stilts on a playground next to the pottery which was way harder than I remember it being from when I was a kid, or maybe my balance was just better back then, haha.

In time for dinner, we reached Bruna Dörren in Ljugarn. We have stayed in Ljugarn before so this was definitely not our first time at that restaurant but they have rebuilt the front and it looked like a surf shack, which I loved!

Ljugarn has some of the nicest beaches on Gotland so we obviously had to go down to the water after dinner, but Stina was the only one who went for a swim.

When we got back to our friend’s house in Roma, my boyfriend and I went on an evening walk with Stina. I just love all of the open fields on Gotland!

We reached Romas’ monastery ruin on our walk but it has been rebuilt into an outdoor theatre and there was a play there that evening which meant that I couldn’t go into the ruin, but we explored it’s surroundings instead.

After this, we went back to the house again to go to sleep. Such a great start on our Gotland trip!

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  1. Så fint du har fångat Gotland på bilder. Det ser verkligen magiskt ut på Gotland, så roligt att du testade på att dreja. Kopparna är så fina

  2. superfina bilder och det ser helt fantastiskt ut har aldrig varit på Gotland men det står högt på min “bucketlist”.

  3. De här bilderna du har tagit är verkligen helt fantastiskt underbara fina Amanda! Vad fotograferar du med för kamera? Vi siktar in oss på en semestervecka på Gotland nästa sommar, har faktiskt bara varit där en enda gång och då var vi på bröllop i dagarna två ?

  4. SO beautiful pictures! Har aldrig varit på Gotland men det är väldigt fint där och någon gång ska jag uppleva det. Eran hund Stina är så söt 🙂 <3

  5. Fortfarande aldrig besökt Gotland tyvärr men det står verkligen högt på att göra listan. Otroligt vackra bilder nu vill jag ännumer åka dit, får allt bli nästs sommar

  6. Åh så fint. Har aldrig varit på Gotland, men känner att det är ett ställe man måste få besöka. På bilderna ser det helt fantastiskt ut.

  7. Gotland är min favorit Ö. En gång varje sommar måste jag bara åka dit. I år hade vi magiska dagar. Men du så roligt att få prova på att dreja. Var det inte svårt?

  8. Så underbara bilder! Jag åker till Gotland för första gången nästa vecka, längtar efter att ha sett dessa bilder ?

  9. Så fina bilder! Jag var på Gotland för 2 veckor sen men höll mig bara till Visby eftersom jag bara var där i 2 dagar. Men det var så himla fint och jag hoppas att jag snart kan åka dit igen, jag vill se så mycket mer av ön!

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