Time really flies. 
I got home this Sunday after spending a week on my beloved island Gotland and now I’m repacking my bag because I’m traveling to a city in Sweden called Sunne tomorrow morning. Had an amazing time on Gotland and I have a lot of photos and stories to share so I’ll just kick it of straight away! Here is my Gotland travel diary, day 1 and 2!
Me and my family got to Gotland in the afternoon of July 8 and started buying groceries at a local store before heading to the place we were going to stay, an apartment hotel in Mulde. We have actually stayed in one of their cottages before but that was like 10 years ago so I obviously needed to get out and explore the area. I bought a drone the day prior so I needed to take it for a test flight in the forest.
Even though it was cloudy, our second day at Gotland was extremely hot so we drove to a beach called Nisseviken and spent most of the day there. The water was way too cold to swim in according to me (even though there were a lot of (crazy) people in the water!) so I spent my day laying on a towel, reading.

There is a restaurant next to the beach in Nisseviken which was just the cutest with a sort of Carribean feel to it. I ate a pizza with beetroot, honey, and goat cheese and it might have been the best pizza I’ve ever had. SO DELICIOUS!
After we felt done at the beach we drove to a to a town on the east side that we hadn’t been to before (which is really uncommon since we have been pretty much everywhere on Gotland) called Ronehamn. Ronehamn itself wasn’t that interesting, to be honest, but we stopped to stretch out legs at a quite well known Bed & Breakfast called Gula Hönan which has the cutest garden that I obviously had to take some photos off.

Then my camera apparently stayed inside my backpack the rest of the evening which we spent half asleep at the couch in our apartment where we had yogurt for dinner since we all were tired after a day at the beach, haha! The last picture I took that day was on the intense sunset, why I didn’t send the drone up to photograph, I’ll never know.

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