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On our third and last day during our Easter weekend road trip, we visited Kalmar Castle.

It opened at 10 am and since we lived pretty much next to it, we slept in and had a long breakfast at the hotel before heading over. The castle has two floors containing everything from a church to grand dining rooms to dungeons. The castle is almost a thousand years old (!!!) and it has happened a lot there throughout history so it was just so fascinating walking around looking at everything.

I also found a throne completely in my taste! Can totally see me as queen 😉

After exploring the caste for almost two hours we talked about heading out to see some more places in Kalmar before heading home, but just as the day before at Öland – it was cold! So instead we decided to jump into the car, wave goodbye to our hotel and start the five-hour drive home.

Nothing exciting happened during our drive back home (except that we wanted to find a nice and cozy restaurant in Oskarshamn to eat lunch at, but the only place that was open was McDonald’s, haha!) and I honestly think I was asleep for most of the time. Just as I mentioned in my earlier post, the weather was a major set back, but otherwise, this was such a good trip!

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21 Replies to “Resedagbok: Kalmar dag 3”

  1. Ja, visst är det så fint!! Jag bor strax utanför Kalmar, så att du turistat här känns lite konstigt, då det för mig är en självklarhet, haha. Men kul att du tyckte om både Kalmar och Öland 🙂

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