Yesterday, I met up with my friend Annie at 6 am to take a day trip to Sandhamn in the Stockholm archipelago.

Even though the 30 000 islands outside of Stockholms central is just a boat ride away, I’ve never been to a single island before. So bad, I know! Annie, on the other hand, is often out in the archipelago and even has a house on one of the islands and has a web page where you can buy her archipelago photographs. Check it out here.

We took a bus from Slussen to Stavsnäs, and there we jumped on a boat to Sandhamn. If you have a public transportation card in Stockholm (SL Access Card) for 30 days or more, you can actually ride the boats in the archipelago for free during winter. If you don’t have the card or planning a visit during the summer, you can buy tickets on board the boats. We took the first boat of the day and watched the sunrise from the boat and had some breakfast in the small café. 

We got off the boat at 8:16 am and started to explore Sandhamn. Such a cute little town! 

The Stockholm archipelago is a popular destination in the summer, and Sandhamn on the island Sandön is probably the most well known (and touristy) of them all. In the winter, on the other hand, the town was very calm and quiet and we actually just met a handful of people during the day so we headed out in the woods to explore more of the island.

We walked in the woods to the other side of the island where we spent our time hiking the beaches and photographing pretty much everything we saw. There was a bit of wind, but we found a perfect windless place upon a little cliff next to Trouville Beach near Rönnuddsvägen where we had lunch out in the open. Is it just me, or does food taste so much better out in nature?

After a couple of hours, we headed back to the town Sandhamn again to wait for the boat back to the mainland. We had some time left so we walked around exploring and photographing pretty much every single building and alley in the town, haha.

The weather during the day shifted a bit between being sunny and cloudy, but the out of nowhere – hell broke loose. Okay, I may exaggerate a bit since I’m not a big fan of either snow or being cold, but suddenly it started to snow like crazy! The sky just turned dark grey and then the snow fell down, and I had to go inside the local food store (which was open only four hours a day) to buy some candy to survive until our boat came, haha!

We were on the island for about 5 hours and I fell asleep straight away when I got home, haha! It is tiring being out in nature 😉 Both Annie and I were very happy about our day trip and I have to say that the Stockholm archipelago is not just for the summer, its an awesome winter destination as well if you just dress properly. Now I just want to get out and explore more islands!

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  1. Jo, skärgården är, på ett speciellt sätt, bäst på vintern. Även om sommaren är, på ett annat sätt, lättare att uppskatta. Underbart resereportage!

  2. Fint att ni fick uppleva soluppgången trots all snö! Riktigt mysiga bilder, blir sugen på att åka dit jag också!

  3. Tack för dina fina bilder från min skärgårdsö. Har ett hus i Trouville .Skogspromenaden genom skogen när snön ligger och man kan höra ett tallbarr falla är en upplevelse fler borde få . Tack för berättelse
    och bilder .Välkommen åter så bjuder jag in er .

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