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Me and my friend Annie took a trip to the peninsula Björnö in the Stockholm archipelago yesterday.
None of us have been to Björnö (which has been a nature reserve since 1983) before so we had a lot to explore! We took the bus from Slussen in the central parts of Stockholm to get there which took a little less than an hour which makes it a perfect destination if you want to get out of the city for a couple of hours. The weather report said that it was going to rain but we manage to be outside all day without a single drop of rain! So lucky! I, by the way, wore a waterproof hiking jacket all day but brought my pink raincoat in my backpack so I could wear it for some photos, talk about dedication 😉
When we got to Björnö, we quickly decided to start off exploring the south side of the island since it’s the part with a view of the ocean and walked pass Björnö Torp, Grytbergsudden, and Småängsviken.

Then we came to Småängen which had an enclosure with a lot of sheep! You are allowed to enter the enclosure as long as you show respect to the animals, and they quickly accepted us and wanted to cuddle.

After spending some time with the sheep we continued our hike on the south side of the island. I had seen a photo of a cool cliff on Google before getting to Björnö that I wanted to find and felt certain it should be somewhere around Småängsuddarna. It wasn’t, but we got to see some other really beautiful views.

Somewhere around Ramsviken and Norrvik on the east side of the peninsula we left the cliffs by the ocean and walked a lot in the forest which felt almost magical, I was just waiting on a unicorn or something to appear, haha. I can’t be the only one who thought this forest felt magical, because someone had made some “magical creatures” out of different materials you can find in a forest and placed them around the trees. Must be a really fun way to get kids out in nature!
We took the big road back to the entrance of the nature reserve since I still hadn’t found my cool cliff and thought that it maybe was next to the beach Torpesand – and this time, I was right. It was a lot smaller than I had imagined but after five hours of hiking, it honestly didn’t matter, haha. We stayed there for a while, ate cinnamon rolls and looked at the ocean before we headed back to the bus that took us back into the city.

37 Replies to “Travel Diary: Björnö”

  1. Men guuu vad mysigt!! Och TACK för tipset!! Hade ingen aning om att man så enkelt kunde åka till något så underbart ställe från Stockholm =) KRAM fina <33

  2. Jag har sällan sett något så fängslande, du och de andra som fotograferat detta är verkligen mycket begåvade och platsen måste vara otroligt magisk i sig själv också!!

  3. Efter att ha läst detta känner jag mest, varför har jag aldrig varit där!? Ser jättemysigt ut och asså kolla de små söta får och lammen såååå söta!

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