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Since I have some sort of “amusement park theme” going on right now on the blog I thought we could do a throwback on my trip to Legoland in Billund 2003 today!

I really enjoy looking back on these really old travels I’ve done since they bring back so many memories, and this time I really have to trust those memories since we had very few photos. I was only eight years old at the time but I do remember a lot, like that one of the rides malfunctioned and we got stuck in a rollercoaster (you do not forget those kinds of things!), and how fascinated I was that you could buy Lego in bulk just like you do with candy in a regular Swedish grocery store. I also remember that I got a drivers license for Lego cars, even though I was driving in the wrong lane. I was only allowed to go straight forward but turned right at a crossing and they said: “Sweden 25 (that was my car!), you’re driving in the wrong lane” in the speakers. Eight years old, and I had already broken my first traffic rule, haha! Maybe that’s why I still don’t have a proper drivers license 😉

This trip to Billund and Legoland was my first time in Denmark and I have actually only been back once since then (to visit Tivoli in Copenhagen actually, speaking of amusement parks, haha) and now I’m really wondering why. I mean, Denmark is only a train ride away from Stockholm so I really don’t have any excuses. Maybe I should write it down as a new years resolution: In 2019, I’m going to go back to Denmark! (And maybe see something else in the country besides amusement parks…)


19 Replies to “Travel Throwback Thursday: Billund 2003”

  1. Danmark är verkligen fint 🙂 Var där för första gången i somras och Köpenhamn var verkligen så mysigt och fint, absolut ett ställe jag måste tillbaka till 🙂

  2. Jag vill åka dit. Vi fick aldrig åka när vi var små, så jag vill gärna åka nu när jag är äldre! 🙂 Eller så väntar jag tills jag får barn, vi får se 😉

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