Next Thursday, I’m going to be back in Australia.

Can we just take a moment and realize how extremely amazing that is? I’m about to cry every time I talk about it – I’m going to go back to my “home away from home”! Oh well, that is not until next week. This Thursday I thought it was time to do a travel throwback on my trip to Bribie Island while I lived in Australia back in 2016. One of the courses I studied at Uni was Marine Vertebreas and we did not only have a field trip to Hervey Bay where we studied whales, but we also went to Bribie Island to look at birds.

Let’s just say that birds aren’t really my thing (especially not since I got chased by a magpie during nesting season!) and while my classmates sat and yelled out that they saw an “eastern curlew” or a “whimbrel” I spent my time with the binoculars mostly looking at houses and other boats, haha. We had a really great day though, and even got to see some dolphins and a sea turtle! Imagine if you could spend every school day on a boat in Australia 😉

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  1. Wow! Så häftigt att ni såg sköldpaddor och delfiner! Älskar delfiner dom är fantastiska!?låter som ni hade de toppen! Jättefina bilder ❤️

  2. Ena sonens polares bror har pluggat i Australien i 2 år och kom hem förra veckan. Han hade så mkt spännande att berätta för grabbarna. En dröm att resa dit. Underbar bild med kikaren

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