I always mention Dublin as one of my favorite cities in the world – even though I only been there once and that was in 2011.
I really want to go back there one day but in the same time, I don’t since I’m afraid that I have built up most of the magic in my head and will just get disappointed if I go back, haha. I went to Dublin for about a week with my family back in the autumn of 2011 and fell in love with the city – with everything from the architecture to the people and that is what I want to look back at in today’s Travel Throwback Thursday.
We stayed at a hotel I don’t remember the name of, in the central parts of Dublin, but I do remember the hotel rooms! We were first placed in a super tiny room with a view of the street that was really busy even during night time so none of us slept the first night. In the morning, we went to the reception and asked to change room, and instead got placed in a big room with 5m headroom, a fireplace and a view over the courtyard. Since we stayed so local we spent our days exploring the inner city of Dublin by foot and by a hop-on-hop-off-bus and visited cites like the old prison Kilmainham Gaol, the brewery Guinness and a wax museum. Let’s just say that we could have skipped the wax museum, but I loved to visit Kilmainham Gaol (who doesn’t want to learn more about torture and murder during a vacation, haha) and even though I don’t drink alcohol I still thought it was interesting to see how the beer was made at Guinness – and to visit the bar at the top of the brewery with a panoramic view of the city.
After writing this post, I just feel more certain that I have to book a trip back to Dublin pretty soon, haha. I would also love to explore more of the beautiful nature in Ireland! In the meantime, here are some pictures from my last visit:
View from Guinness brewery
Thought this was so funny because it really does rain a lot in Dublin

Left: Kilmainham Gaol II Right: A concierge at a random doorway
View from Guinness brewery
Gosh, wish I had been documenting more during my travels back than, but I think this building was a part of the University? Or something completely different. Love the architecture though!
 A leprechaun at the wax museum

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  1. Wow, vilka härliga bilder! Kusinen min åkte på konfirmationsresa till Irland och tyckte det var en jättefin stad. Kanske jag skall ta och åka dit..? 🙂


  2. men åhh vad kul, och vad fint! tycker definitivt du ska besöka Dublin/Irland igen, då borde du åka till Cliffs of Moher och Glendalough för en hike 🙂

  3. Du skulle iiiinte bli besviken om du åkte tillbaka! Har varit på Irland så många gånger haha och det är lika underbart varje gång. Både städer och naturen.

  4. Dublin är fantastiskt! Jag har varit där tre gånger. Dock har det aldrig regnat på mig, haha! (Nu jinxade jag det totalt så nästa gång lär det inte göra annat!)

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