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I have just landed on Crete, and what fits better than a Travel Throwback Thursday on the last time I was in Greece?
In 2002 my family and my cousins family traveled together to the Greek island Kos. I was about 6 years old at the time so let’s say that my memories from this trip aren’t many but I do remember all the decorations we got in the drinks at the bar by the hotel pool – mostly because I brought all of them back home and saved for a couple of years, haha. Other than hanging by the pool I remember that we took a boat to Bodrum in Turkey one day, rented bikes and cycled around the island and explored some ancient ruins.
I just love to do these really old travel throwbacks since it gives me a reason to look in all our old photo albums and laugh at funny photos. I mean can we just point out that my fashion sense back then was flawless, just look at that pink shirt with rats on it, haha! So while you have a look at this week’s Travel Throwback Thursday, I’ll be busy exploring Greece for the first time with a somehow adult consciousness and eat halloumi and tzatziki until I explode!
See ya!
Lazy days by the pool

Left: Got my hair braided in Bodrum Right: Me and my brother that for some reason pose with a policeman with a gun. Mum, dad – what the fuck?
Apparently a really fun dinner with hats?
Western Archaeological Zone (according to Google, anyway)
 Me and my cousin just having some drinks by the pool and look pissed about it, haha!

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