It’s once again Thursday so let’s have another throwback on one of my previous travels.

Today I’ve opened up the hard drive with photos from a cruise I went on with my family in the spring of 2012 when we visited Fujairah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and Muscat in Oman and I thought we could take a closer look on that.

I had honestly never even heard of Oman before we visited it, but it’s a country with a great history and we had the privilege to stroll around in its capital Muscat for a couple of hours. Just the first glace of the city from our cruise ship was incredible – the small, white town with those massive mountains in the background. Just amazing. The city itself had a really strong Arabic vibe with much historical architecture – where they pretty much just had added modern things like electricity and running water on top of the buildings without really keeping it esthetical, haha. It’s a charm in that as well!

Since we had been to the Arab Emirates with their super modern architecture before this, it was really nice to experience an Arabic city which felt more “Aladdin” and “The Arabian Nights”. We only had a couple of hours and did not do more than explore narrow alleys and roam around different markets, but I’m glad that I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit Oman!


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  1. Underbara bilder! Alla de platserna står högt på min lista av resmål att besöka! 😀 Åkte ni båt till Oman? Vore kul att veta lite mer 🙂

    1. Åh så kul! Vi åkte runt med kryssningsfatyget Brilliance of the Seas och jag har faktiskt lite lösa planer om att skriva ett inlägg om att resa med kryssningsfartyg så håll ögonen öppna 😉 Hör gärna av dig om det är något särskilt du vill veta som jag inte får missa att ta med! 🙂

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