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I had to dig deep into the family photo albums to find photos to this week’s Travel Throwback Thursday!
I was only one month old when I was on an airplane for the first time and traveled to relatives in northern Sweden, but my first time abroad was in October 1996 when I went to the Greek island Rhodes. As you can imagine, I have zero memories of this trip, but I often get reminded of it since I was eleven months old at the time and took my first steps there. I always talk about how rewarding it is to travel and experience new places, so it’s sort of poetical that I actually learned to walk in another country, haha.
I’ve been back to Greece once since 1996 (Kos, 2002) and I’m actually going to the Greek Island Crete this summer so I will finally experience Greece with a somehow adult consciousness! I’m really looking forward to hanging out on some beautiful beaches and eat halloumi and tzatziki until I explode 😉
Me playing at the poolside at the hotel
Left: an Unknown street on Rhodes, but look how cute I am in my little hat! Haha 😉
Right: Me and my mother in front of what I after some time on Google believe is Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
(which by the way must be the longest name of a castle ever!)
 Obviously knew already then how awesome it is to sleep in a lounger

32 Replies to “Travel Throwback Thursday: Rhodos 1996”

  1. Vad roligt att läsa och se, hihi tänk att man varit så liten en gång i tiden 😛 Och ja de där solstolarna är livsfarliga när man är trött haha fråga min bror som såg ut som en kokt kräfta hehehe

  2. Åh va kul att se lite gamla bilder från resandet och även Rhodos! Har själv bott där över 3 somrar och totalt räknat ett år.

    Älskar Grekland, människorna, maten, klimatet och all historia som finns. Och Rhodos, min fina fina Ö. Längtar verkligen tillbaka nu!

    Kram ♡

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