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Are you looking for some cheap things to do in Stockholm this winter?

I might be biased since I’m born and raised in Stockholm, but according to me, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world with charming architecture and fascinating history. I would absolutely recommend a visit and there is, in fact, a lot of things you can do in Stockholm on a tight travel budget!

The winter months in Sweden are between the end of November to the beginning of March, and the temperature is usually around 0°c, and bearly bellow -10°c so put on a jacket and explore everything from dinosaur skeletons to free stand up, or 23 of the other economically smart things listed below. Perfect for you who are traveling to Stockholm soon, or for you locals who are broke after Christmas.

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1) Go ice skating in Kungsträdgården. It’s free if you have your own skates, or you can rent a pair for 70 SEK for an adult and 30 SEK for a child. Don’t miss the free figure skating classes and disco-skating on the weekends!

2) See the last remaining parts of medieval Stockholm at Medeltidsmuseet100% FREE!

3) Take a stroll at Monteliusvägen which is my personal favorite when it comes to lookout points in Stockholm. 100% FREE!

View from Katarinahissen 

4) Visit Swedish actress Greta Garbo’s final resting place in Skogskyrkogården. Skogskyrkosgården is, by the way, one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Stockholm. 100% FREE!

5) Take the subway and look at the art in every station. One ticket last for 75 minutes and costs 43 SEK for an adult and 29 SEK for a child.

6) Hang out with some dinosaur skeletons at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet. If dinosaurs aren’t your thing I would still recommend a visit just because of the buildings beautiful architecture. 100% FREE!

7) Gather some friends and watch stand up comedy at The Big Ben Pub every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 8 pm. Both rookies and professionals try out new material here in both English and Swedish. 100% FREE! (unless you buy something to drink, of course)

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

8) Get lost in the narrow alleys in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old parts with stunning architecture. Find Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, an alley only 90 centimeters wide! 100% FREE!

9) Visit the resident of Swedens king and queen at Drottningholm (and not the royal palace in Gamla Stan!). It costs 130 SEK for an adult and 65 SEK for a child to enter the castle, but it’s free to take a stroll in the massive royal garden. Drottningholm is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Stockholm.

10) Learn more about the Vikings and head down to Historiska Museet. 100% FREE!

11) Browse through 410.000 different books at the curved bookcases in the library Stadsbiblioteket100% FREE!

12) Take a bus which takes you straight from the central station to Ikea. The buses leave hourly every weekday from 10am-7pm. 100% FREE (unless you plan to buy something at the massive furniture store, of course)

View from Monteliusvägen

13) Watch some modern art at Moderna Museet100% FREE

14) Take a 2 km long city walking tour in English or Spanish with Free Tour Stockholm, no booking required. 100% FREE!

15) Are you a fan of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Take a tour and visit all the famous sites in the book either with a guide (130 SEK per person) or buy a map with the sites marked out at Medeltidsmuseet or Stadsarkivet (40 SEK) and be your own tour guide.

16) Visit some second-hand stores in the “Hipster-part of Stockholm”, Södermalm. There are a lot of them so just google “second hand Södermalm” and you will find plenty of alternatives.

17) Find Stortorget in Gamla Stan which is the site of the bloodbath who took place in 1520 following the Danish invasion of the town. A really gory detail in Stockholm’s history! 100% FREE!


18) Head down to O’Leary’s in Tolv Stockholm or Mall of Scandinavia and have some childish fun for a couple of hours with activities like miniature golf, bowling, ping-pong or pool. Prices depending on the activity but some are quite cheap!

19) Climb the stairs behind Slussen subway station and watch the view from Katarinahissen100% FREE!

20) Take a look at some of the world’s biggest coins (some weight 20 kilos!) at Myntkabinettet.100% FREE!

21) Stroll through fascinating landscapes from all over the world with everything from rainforest to dry deserts at Edvard Andersons växthus. The entrance fee is 80 SEK, and in the house next door you can find my favorite café in all of Stockholm, Gamla Orangeriet.


22) Learn some Swedish at Timmermansgården, Mondays between 8pm-10pm. No booking required. 100% FREE!

23) Take a hike in Tyresta Nationalpark right outside of Stockholm. There was a huge wildfire in 1999 and there are still parts of the forest that haven’t recovered yet, leaving a creepy and interesting landscape. Perfect day trip for a mild winters day. Bring some hot chocolate in a thermos! 100% FREE!

24) Visit Norrmalmstorg where the hostage-taking took place in 1973 that gave the world the expression “Stockholm Syndrome”. 100% FREE!

25) Have a Swedish fika. Nothing beats a cold winters day like a cup of a hot beverage, and you can’t say you have been to Sweden if you don’t visit a café and grab something to drink or eat – or “fika” as we locals say.

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36 Replies to “25 saker att göra i Stockholm på vintern”

  1. Jag är väldigt dålig på engelska tyvärr 🙁 Önskar din blogg fanns på svenska oxå. Men ska försöka bli bättre på engelska 😉

  2. Åh vad kul att få följa denna bloggen!

    Får jag bara fråga en foto/blogg relaterad grej? Jag ändrar bredden på mina liggandes bilder till 900 och laddar sedan upp dom i 900 på bloggen, men så funderar jag på det där med ståendes bilder, dom ska man ju egentligen ändra höjden på till 900 om jag fattat rätt, men laddar man då upp dom efter 900 eller 600 som bredden blir till? 🙂

    1. Det beror helt och hållet på hur stora du vill att bilderna ska vara 🙂 Mina liggande bilder är 882px och mina stående är 440px (för att två ska kunna ligga bredvid varandra). Höjden spelar alltså ingen roll alls, utan man går alltid efter bredden 🙂

  3. Vilka bra tips! Nu blev jag sugen på att faktiskt åka till grannstaden för att turista lite. 🙂 Har bott nära större delen av livet men varit där väldigt lite.

  4. Vilka fantastiska bilder du tagit över Stockholm och du har verkligen jobbat med färger . Jag var ofta i Stockholm då jag bodde i Katrineholm. Nu bor jag närmare Stockholm igen. Håller verkligen med om att det är vackert där och även arkitekturen. Du fick verkligen fram toppenställen att besöka.

    Tack för en härlig rundtur
    Ha en fin dag

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