Let’s continue with my trip around the Pacific Ocean which I did in December.

After Sydney, it was time to head over to New Zealand and the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown. We never went to New Zealand when we lived in Australia in 2016, and I said that I’m not going to fly across the globe again without going there. Since our schedule was quite tight (four countries, eight cities within three and a half weeks) we only had a couple of days in New Zealand. I asked a friend of mine who has been traveling around New Zealand for six months which city you get the most out of New Zeland in a short time. Her answer was basically “You have to experience New Zealand as a whole, but if you only plan to visit one place it has to be Queenstown”. So, that’s why we ended up in Queenstown.


We arrived in the afternoon and the first thing I did was to piss off a security guard. I took a photo when we got off the plane, which you aren’t allowed to do. Whoops. I must have gotten to mesmerized by the mountains to obtain that information, haha. Oh well, we got through customs without any problems (and got the first and only passport stamp of the whole trip! Sometimes I hate that everything gets digitalized, haha) and jumped into a taxi that drove us to our Airbnb. Unfortunately, the taxi driver dropped us off on the wrong street. Once again we thought we had been tricked and had an Oslo-situation until we realized that our apartment was up on a steep hill. So the only thing we could do was to push our suitcases up that hill. Talk about getting some workout!

When we had left our bags, we went downtown to have some dinner and look around. Queenstown is quite a small town and most of the people there are backpackers looking for adrenaline kicks – which is easily accessible in the adventure capital of the world.


Tiki Trail to Queenstown Ultimate Viewpoint

We already knew that we wanted to go to Queenstown’s ultimate viewpoint which has a great view over the whole town. You can either take a gondola to the top or hike the Tiki Trail. Since you can’t visit New Zealand without going on a hike, we decided to take the trail which took about an hour and a half to the top.

Queenstown Luge

There are a lot of different activities you can do at Queenstown’s ultimate viewpoint, bungee jumping, parasailing, and mountain biking, just to mention a few. We decided to go on the luge track, or in the “Mario Karts” as I called them. We did two rides on the luge, one in the easy, scenic track (which everyone must do their first time) and one in the advanced track and it was so much fun! Afterward, we had pizza at Stratosfare Restaurant and this might have been the best view I’ve ever had during a meal.

We decided to skip the Tiki Trail to get down and took the road the working cars take instead. The road itself wasn’t that exciting, but I think the view was better than the Tiki Trail since there weren’t that many trees blocking the view.

Now I have one of those time jumps with my photos again which I think is because we went back to our apartment and showered and napped, haha. We walked downtown again in the evening and ate dinner and booked some adventures for our upcoming days. Let’s just say, it’s hard to be bored in the adventure capital of the world! My next post is going to include the largest swing in the world. Stay tuned!

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    1. Haha dock insåg jag ju att det var skyltar typ överallt med en överkryssad kamera så borde ju ha varit lite mer uppmärksam men hur ska man kunna vara det när bergen runt omkring är heeeeelt magiska? 😉

  1. alltså wow wow wow! vilka vyer! har aldrig varit “såld” på NZ, men nu på senaste har jag sett sååå feta bilder därifrån. dessa får mig verkligen att vilja åka dit!

    1. Nya Zeeland är verkligen heeeelt magiskt! Nu såg jag visserligen bara en ytterst liten del av landet men redan när jag var där var jag så sugen på att åka tillbaka då allting bara var så himla fantastiskt 😀

  2. Alltså JAAA, ska man till något ställe på Nya Zeeland så är det Queenstown! Älskade det när jag var där, så häftigt, vackert och adrenalinkickarnas stad för mig som backpackade. Åt ni världens godaste burgare som finns på Fergburger där i stan?? 😀

    1. Låter som att vi gjorde helt rätt val i Queenstown, fast det kände jag ju när vi var där också 😉 Vi åt självklart en Fergburger, verkar ju vara typ den största turistattraktionen i staden, haha 😉

  3. Wow, ser helt amazing ut där. Jag älskar det här inlägget för jag vill resa jorden runt och kan jag inte resa vill jag läsa! Typiskt det där med kameran. Verkar vara många ställen man inte får ta kort på.

  4. Underbara bilder! Jag vill också åka till Nya Zeeland – finns med på min Bucket list! Så häftigt hus med ett inbyggt klocktorn i hörnet! Vilken utsikt ni fick uppleva – ser verkligen helt fantastiskt ut! Kram fina du ?

  5. Wow vilken häftig plats, nästa gång jag är i delen av världens ska jag försöka få till att besöka Nya Zeeland också 😀 Kram

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